Elder Matthew Wright Gagon - Brazil Curitiba Mission

Elder Michael David Gagon - Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Michael: February 29, 2012

Dear family!

Thanks for the all the emails, although thick on the trunkiness were great!

I´m light as a feather and happy like a bird this morning for some reason. Probably due to investigators in church, a sweet baptism comin up sunday, and others in the near future coming to surface. Also I got letters from Nate and Matt. Hallelujiahs.

Our investigator we´ve been teaching is named Ruver, he´s 23. We teach him in the church cause his fam isnt friendly towards gringos with white shirts and ties but he´s as elect as they come. In our first visit we asked him what he was hoping to get out of our lesson and he said ``I wanna get baptized and go on a mission!´´ And so we´ve been preparing him for the both.

Aside from him we´ve got a few 15 year old guys that are willing to live the gospel so we´re working with them and their families. I´m dreaming of the day(s) that Rafael, Ruver, Gerson, and the other guys in this area all return from the mission experience I´m having right now, the best of all the rest.

Speaking of dreams I woke up this morning in the middle of my dream where Dad & I were planning my summer birthday party, and I asked him if instead of doing anything special we could just invite everyone in the ward to a bon fire in the Fuesell´s lawn and roast hot dogs.

Good news: I think T Swift is makin her way down to Brazil, I heard her blessed voice for the 2nd and 3rd time on my mission as I passed by a bar and one day our neighbor was playin her radio a little loud.

Matt- I got your letter and I´m ficando doidinho to get my Bday pres seja que for.

Cuz cuseira? que isso sô. Parabens on the baptism!

Can- Ya sometimes I don´t see my toothbrush before I´m out like a trout. Parabens sure does mean congratchalaishons, Muito bem, Im foreseeing some portuguese making its way into our fam´s terminology. oh and thank you!

thats pretty sweet about your car. I remember Mom turned to me while she was driving me to a cello lesson or something and asked If I thought she should wreck the car and collect insurance haha.

So I´m gonna be there for your graduation!? que legal!

Jor - No way to be sure if I DIDN`T get an email of yours or not, your last 2 were dated Feb 8th and Feb 1st.

That´s cool Cam Wheat got back from Terezinha! Where did this Brasileira come from? From all the gente that say they´ve got a relative in the states (99% in boston) it shouldn´t be too hard to get you a brazilian cunhada. I hear there are a couple portuguese branches in Utah. How´s your porchageez? Oh and don´t let your house hunt overcome you.

Dad- Impressive how miraculous the church meetings can be every week if our heart is right. Your rendezvous with Uncle Scott sounds great, I hope some good plans are carried through.

Thats awesome that Ian is a bishop!

Rhett- I think it´d be best to head to Moab right after our getting released and following temple session. Nice time for fam and reflection before anythin else

Loves and

Monday, February 27, 2012

Matt: February 27, 2012

Dearest família de poder,

Wassup? So not a ton of news going on here in the dirty dirty. Yesterday was a great day because Luana the 13 year old eleita entered in the aguas do batismo and got dunked! It was cool, because the elders in the neighboring branch (yeah still wierd to me that branches exhist and not everywhere is a 4 block by 3 1/2 block WARD) baptized a couple that is going to move into our area here in a few weeks so we decided to have a triple baptism in the state of the art chapel we attend here in Bonsucesso. It was probably one of the most spiritual baptismal meetings I´ve ever attended. It was one of those things where you just knew this gospel is true and the things happening in the moment are of God. So beyond that we´re just kinda working. My comp elder Joás is a ball of excitement and animo from the northeast so he keeps me going in the days where I think I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. In the city where I am there´s a big park where the kiddies go to play and along side of it is a bmx track with some HUGE jumps! I just want to grab my old blue 415 or at least the beater huffy I rode in Tennessee and hit the dirt! In an unrelated story I just put the last 2 1/2 year of my life in pictures onto a pin drive so now things should be groovy. OTher than that just working hard and getting excited for next p day ha ha ha.

Dad- You are the best. Thanks for the email. I live with an Elder Barnes 2.0 and he asked me about the body types in my family, including my uncles and so I was thinking about Uncle Scott recently and wondering why we´re all average size and he´s so BIG.

Rhett- Yeah I´m totally down for some rewinding time down in Moab. I don´t know what any kind of time frame will be like, so just follow your heart, seek guidance, read James 1:5, and then do what you feel is best.

Michael- cuz cuz is super easy is you have a cuz cuzeira. If not you have to like tie a towel to the lid of a pan and then boil the water underneath it. Plus I´m in the finishing stages of your b-day present.

Much love,

Elder Matt Gagon

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Michael: February 22, 2012

Dear family,

Ah- the plentiful email inbox is now empty again- thanks for all the written love!

I had a great birthday! I reached drinking age just in time for Brazils biggest party of the year, Carnaval!!!! But I rejoice that I am far from that mess and head deep in Preaching the Lords gospel, not easy but always jubilous.

Adriana lost the faith whereas Rafael was BAPTISED (by yours truly) into the true church. By his baptism I was able to realize 3 goals of mine, 1- Baptise 2 people with the same name, him and Rafael back in Paraiso. (a lame goal but a goal nonetheless) 2- Baptise a Jehovah´s Witness! and 3- Baptise someone who potentially can serve a full time mission a year from now!!!! He says he´d like to. He´s 21.

His Aunt, Veronica looks like quite a bit like Mom- hair stlye, hair eye and skin color, size and shape....And since I told Veronica that she´s started treating me like a son- for my birthday she gave me a really old book of hers that is super cool, its the New Testemant and on each page one column of the verses are in Portuguese and the other column is English! her daughter bought me a new tie, my mission President and his wife gave me a card, 2 balloons and a sparkler so you could say it was a good day.

I´ve taught and created a friendship with this guy who said he didn´t believe in God anymore but he showed up to church which gave me a good feeling. It was different from the usual teaching people what theyve already got at their church isn´t everything.

Ma-Your email rocked the entire Brasilian southeast region.I´ve had a nasty cold this week too.
How cool the Douglas´s are gonna serve in Peru! and what about Buggy?

Dad- Your email rocked just as hard. If Dave is still there give him a holler, is his baby girl the cutest?
I liked what those señoras had to say in church, old people really do have a great perspective on things, and are real nice examples, Pres Hinckley´s last few talks really showed that (thanks Nate for the CDs you burned me)

Can- I didn´t get a email from you but it appears that Matt did, not sure what funky business is going on there but I hear you´re rollin in a BMW. chic.

And Im excited to try this sandwhich from Dad´s birthplace I hear redeems the awful falafal.

Nat-My mission President said he did my ecclesiastical report 4 days ago. I´m thinkin about studying international business. If Nick and Kumi are in Logan you can count me there.

Matt-pega a receita of the cus cus.

I heard cartas sociais are only gonna be for people on welfare a partir de Março! is that why your letter was 70ç? yikes bikes.

PS you´re the face.

Nick- Parabens getting into BYU! Where do you do mish prep?

Well fam, thats all for now.

Until next Wednesday,

I love you!

Elder Michael Gagon

Monday, February 20, 2012

Matt: February 20, 2012

Dear Family,

This week was a goody. I got transfered out of São Lourenço and seperated from the greatest missionary Curitiba has ever seen the one and only Elder Bons, and am now serving in Guarapuava. For all those checking the blog and listening in on Oldies 94.1 that have been here before know that this is a little city in the boonies of the state of Paraná. It´s total hick country for the most part, but definitely a welcome change from the Curitiba do mau. For example, stores here stay open til 9:30 or later here, whereas in Curitiba they start closing at 8ish because of crime. I would compare this place to Logan Utah mixed with Fillmore. Things are going good though. After a five hour bus ride last wednesday morning we got here and my new companion Elder Joás from Rio Grande do Norte was here waiting to get me. I´m excited to be here because this area is the new area that President Cordon wants to grow and establish a stake and a wards here. So basically he puts difference makers out here, and for some odd reason he wants me to be the chief of this tribe. So basically things are going good. Last night we were closing out our contacts and at roughly 9:10 we came across a less active lady who´s daughter isn´t a member, and until yesterday never wanted to be baptized. But when we saw them last night they said this week was the week, so pray that Luana can enter the waters of batismo this weekend. What else? This city where I´m at means "ferocious wolf" in the ancient indigenous language here. My current companion was roomates with my mission son in the MTC, and he makes me cus-cus with eggs every morning that I wake up. It is masterful.

Erika- Happy Birthday! You are the best sister in law I´ve ever had!!! para bens.

Michael- still working on your present. Carnaval really threw a monkey in my wrench, but it´ll get there antes da fim da transferencia.

Randace- Agreed. Dave and Hil rock. The areas I´ve passed in are Almirante (all-mir-ronch) Tamandaré, Pinhais (peen yice), Boqueirão, São Lourenço, Guarapuava, and Murfreesboro, Tennessee. (holy moley that seems like a long time ago) Also I have some big plans to use my credit card a little bit, seeing as this is probably my last area, and if you could make sure that Wells Fargo doesn´t cancel it, I would greatly appreciate it.

Ma- youre the bestest of the westest.

Pa- you´re the bomb dot com

love you all,

Elder Matt Gagon

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Michael: February 15, 2012

Hey family

Today we had transfers and I´m training AGAIN! Just kidding, although in a way I still am cause of the ´´12 week training program´´ that is used now. For the first time my comp nor I are going no where. We´re stickin juntos and going at it another 6 weeks here in Riacho, Contagem.

I was really worried that I might leave this area. President usually calls Monday during the day if and only if you or your companion is being transfered. So I had butterflies all the day long expecting a call either for me or my comp but it never came.

The work here has been lookin up- Rafael didn´t come to church but has well made up his mind to be baptised this sunday!

We´ve also got Adriana, a 19 year old single mom w/a 2 year old girl with a baptismal date for sunday, the trick is that she´s started working and night school and we weren´t able to get a hold of her yesterday after she missed our appointment....

I just ask for your prayers for me, my comp, and our investigators. Muito thank you.

Rhett- Erika- and Nate- f´ank you for the happy birthday wishes.

Nat- Utah State sounds exciting at first but 4 years in Logan to me sounds like the death sentance, I guess it´s normal to transfer after a while..

Jor- How´s Hunt´s exema agora? All the cool kids and great missionaries get it at some point. I don´t know if yáll rememb me telling about my toes being really itchy but every day or two I still itch em till they almost bleed, literally- but I think it´s more a question of self control than a medical issue.

I hear down here to visit someone in jail you have to pass through security naked

Matt- Nossa tanta gente na igreja para batizar! Lookin real good, maybe even better than Elder Melo. Your comp or ex comp also looks like a guerreiro.

I love you all very much.

Elder Michael Gagon

Monday, February 13, 2012

Matt: February 13, 2012

Dear Família,

Minha nossa P day is like Christmas that comes every week! This P day could be my last alongside the incomparable Elder Bons. We got the transfer call for the people who will train next transfer and contrary to popular belief I will not be one of them who beget more posterity. Basically not a lot has happened this week. Yesterday however was a day of miracles. Evandro, the newest priest/member in the ward, brought his whole fam damily to church. It was great. The kids love it there, it´s just the wife who´s been looking for answers in all the wrong places that we need to work a little more with. But THEN in the middle of Elders quorom my beloved companheiro got a call from one of our investigators saying that she wanted to go to church, so we went and picked up her and her 2 kids. It was fabulous. PLUS we had a less active kid come to church with his mom. Só milagres! Now we´re just working on getting this homosapiens on keeping some other commitments and becoming converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mom- Happy Birthday. You are the best mom I´ve EVER had! I´ll do the K Train dance today in my apartment in your honor.

Al- Yikes! Abby! Que coisa. I send kisses from Brasil to kiss it better. That´s what my mom always did to help me when I got hurt.

Jor- That´s good that Caçador Tiago is happy and healthy. Sad to hear about John. I didn´t realize how bad drugs can truly be till I got to the mish.

Michael- Sent you a carta. 70 centavos ´TA DOIDO!?!?! Plus I have an awesome Birthday present headed your way.

Well I love you all.

Hugs & Kisses

-Elder Matt Gagon

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Michael: February 8, 2012

Dear family,

Congratulations to you, on this dear date, many happinesses, many years of life!

Congratulations to you, on this dear date, many happinesses, many years of life!

That´s my translation for the birthday song down here in Berzil.

Monday we had the quarterly Zone Conference and they sang to me and all the other missionaries who have birthdays from Feb-April, but that one was for you Ma! Lookin linda!

Hey so did the ground hog say you guys will finally have a winter or did you get jypped this year?

My heart is rejoicing in the work of the Lord. Its great to be in the fast-track gospel learning and conversion program AKA full-time missions, It seems impossible learning as much as I am- it makes me wonder what kind of pea-brain troll I was before the mission.

Things are lookin up a this week the weather is showing signs of baptism and I think it´s comin to Rafael, a cousin of the last family that was baptised in this branch! Pray and pray and pray some more for all of us.

Also, If any of you haven´t read the book Jesus The Christ, I recommend it!

I thought it was so funny the scrip that says ´´can any good thing come out of Nazareth?´´ when I guy heard about Jesus.

But I know this is His work, His church, and you´re right Dad it is a miracle.

I found out that an Elder that used to be in my district was serving in California before he got his visa and his mission president was PRSIDENTE BECERRA. Soo that was real neat.

Al- If I don´t extend I believe we´d land May 3rd.....Thursday, morning, or afternoonish...?

Nat- Nossa mae- Avery walkin, and having 4 teeth all at once! haha

Matt- Que bençao to baptise the head of a household! Parabens voce merece.

ex-Elder Tay Brown wrote me and said ´´the secret is to love your investigators, but real love, not fake love like Elder Gaertner haha.´´ also ex-AP Elder Cavalheiro was made just a Zone Leader and his ex-comp is a solo AP (with a diff LZ comp). And later I think E. Cavalheiro turned district leader....quite the GH queda.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Matt: February 6, 2012

Dearest family of mine,

Como que 'tá? Family it is getting hot in Curitiba. I am smoldering here in the dirty south, but luckily for me yesterday I got to cool off in the AGUAS DO BATISMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh mercy! After a long long long time of fighting tooth and nail to do something good here in São Lourenço, Evandro Jean Lopes had his sins remitted as he was baptized AND confirmed (so as to not repeat what happened last time) and was even ordained a priest after sacrament meeting. Family, friends, Oldies 94.1, this guy is the best! His wife somehow got "unready" to be baptized throughout the week, but my boy Evandro took a leap of faith and followed Christ´s example instead of Satan´s lies. It was great. Our practice was super fast and he hit his head on the wall a little bit when I dunked him, but at least he didn´t need to be dunked twice. Surely his wife will follow suit and be baptized on the 26th, and logo logo their 8 year old daughter.

Today we had a zone activity where the sisters were in charge. It was great. We played ultimate frisbee and baked frozen pizzas. However they decided to buy the cheapest juice packets at the market and made a couple gallons juice that would be like making a Kool-Aid without adding any sugar.... Yeah it was like drinking bitter litmus paper (that´s a thing right? Ya know from science class). But being the congenial chivalrous elders that we are we decided it would be best just to not say anything. Well one elder didn´t get the memo and after a good hour of fast paced frisbee in what has to be 190 degrees came in took a swig and started gagging/ choking on the unsweetened suco. Ha ha ha it was way funny.

Other than that we´re just doing the shake and trying to find who will be next. My companion is the best missionary in the world, so even though we´re not having a ton of success it´s awesome to work with the modern day Amuleque.

Michael- Irmão yer boy Elder Gaertner came to my church this weekend, and he and my comp used to be in the same ward where he lives. Ele é GH do mau kkkkk!

Can- SUCK! I doubt that there´ll be enough time for you to receive and then send me a new debit card which I prob might need, unless you can get me my pin number to take out cash using my credit card. Everytime I try it says I have the wrong pin.

Jor- The temple rocks né?

Dad- Loved the email. Can´t believe the giants beat the patriots again! Que coisa!!!!

Mucho amor,

Elder Gagon

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Michael: February 1, 2012

Dear fam.

Thank you for the abundance of emails.

I was dreaming that I was teaching the Great Apostasy to a lady when I woke up this morning for you guys to have an idea of what Ì´m up to. but not much to report as far as success goes...

Last Thursday I had my quarterly 10 minute interview with President Parrela and this time it was a little different. He asked me about how I´d changed and how these changes would effect me the rest of my life and then asked about you guys especially you mom and dad and then he paused for a minute and ended the interview and said lets pray for your dad to get a job. And we did. And I believe in miracles.

Matt - I realy was just wondering why you didn´t email last monday but two emails from you this week was bom demais. 2 apostles in Curitiba nossa tell me more tell me more. How cool Elder Ballard went there cause pretty sure out of the quorum of the twelve he´s like the chief of missionaries or something....

Al - good to hear from you again!!!!!

Mom- cars with gills and attacking rooms? crikey! It sounds like your 3 week experience was marvelous. I´m excited to never have to buy anything when I have babies and just be rained on by hand-me-downs hopefully until they´re all adults.

Jor- K bencao you went to the temple! I often sit and wonder how fortunate we were to live in this time, in the place we live, and with the knowledge we grew up with.

Yesterday we ´´taught´´ a fifteen year old girl - it was more like beating a dead horse - that has gone to church for the past four years and hasnt been baptised because she says her parents make her go to church, sem, mutual and everything and just was dumbfounded wondereing porque she cannot see what we see in the gospel...

Love you all,

Elder MichaelGagon