Elder Matthew Wright Gagon - Brazil Curitiba Mission

Elder Michael David Gagon - Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Michael: March 28, 2012

Dear to my family,

This week was good, the gospel flame continues to burn through the neighborhood. Marcos Vinicios (12) was baptised. Henrique´s mom has accepted to stop drinking coffee, but she is struggling to break the habit, she works at a bakery where there is an abundance of the black bean. Oh hey I also saw a coffee tree this week in Marcos´s yard.

Transfers was the cause of some excitement this week although I will continue to work here in Riacho until the end, with trusty Elder Cox at my side. Man I´d never had a companion for more than 6 weeks and Elder Cox and I are goin for 17, It´s been pretty good, 6 weeks ago I thought things would get crazier the longer we were together but the opposite happened, our work together keeps gettin smoother which is good.

Mom- Welcome back to Zion.

Al- happy birthaday!

Took some great pics there! Do you believe that I can do that gymnastic pose Abbywas in? I´m excited to be co-favorite uncle until Nick goes on his mission which could be more interesting to her.

Can- thanks for the PS hehe. well, thanks for the entire email, twas good. Hope you´re better now, I´m sure you are. So hey are we gonna be dwelling in tents in Moab? Just checkin...

Matt- I just barely got your gatorade joke as I sat here wondering what joke I could make about Mom´s hair ha.

Imagine the luxury ride it would seem to us to take the Solitude bus now.

Jor- West Jordan woop de woop woop! Look for a ex-Sister Rueckert who served in BH, Coach Halbert, and a macaco that played b-ball for west jordan that could slam-a-dunk. Those are all the people I know in west jordan.

Dad- A congratulations from the heart for your recent breakthroughs, I hope you´re feelin great.

Workin with your brothers is a treat alright. What do you think of adopting the brasilian way of siblings each building their own houses on the same lot, one on top, behind, in front, on the side, and under the others?

Well fam, keep your prayers up these last 5 weeks, that more families here will come unto Christ and make covenants with Him.

I love you, I LOVE you, I LOVE YOU!

Elder Michael Gagon

Monday, March 26, 2012

Matt: March 26, 2012

Dear family,

This week was a good one. No baptisms, confirmations, or disappearing acts catching the bus, but a good week nonetheless. Me and my companion are just trying to destroy with numeros, and we´re doing good so far. Tonight is transfer calls and I will know undoubtedly who will "kill me" on the mission. This week we had a service project at a member´s house and not wanting to dirty my soccer shoes, I wore the crocs that the ghost of missionary past left in the house who knows how long ago. Not wanting to look like a bafoon (as if that was somehow avoidable in bright yellow crocs) I opted not to wear socks and just wash my feet afterwards. Well all was going fine and dandy until I was carrying a wheelburrow full of weeds to the designated dumping point and I felt a hot, itchy, burning sensation on my left foot. I looked down only to find I had stepped in some hidden ant hill and my foot was now covered in dozens and dozens of little bitty ants making a feast out of my foot! I brushed them off but the damage was done, and my foot still itches a little 2 days later.

Other than that the work is going good. We´re working hard and got a bunch of new people to teach, so that´s good. Plus we finally got a few people to go to church that previously were not going. Ótimo. But mostly this week I´m getting stoked and pumped and tweaked and psyched and amped and excited for the 182nd annual general conference!!!! Monson, Eyring, Uchtdorf, Holland, Ballard, Christofferson, Oaks, all in one place one weekend only. As put by Jordan some 5 years ago, "It´s like the superbowl, but for missionarys." I love it. I hope all of you can catch all 4 (or 5) sessions, something that never made sense to me til I got here on the mission and realized how good the Saturday sessions are.

Mom- Is it in you? kkkkk

Michael- Best bus catching story ever. Way better than the days at 6:39 AM pounding on the side of the UTA with skis, poles, backpack, and coat to let me in so I could go up to work in time for biscuits and gravy breakfast.

Dad- Thanks for the email, I loved it. Glad to hear that all your stuff got cleared up and that Billy Ray and Krissy Lou are back together like ramalamamagadingitydingdabop.

Nat & Nate- March sounds like quite the party month, but I have a feeling May is gonna blow the doors right off the hinges.

Al- 33? Yikes. Sounds like Abby is going to be the next batizadora here in Brasil. That´s awesome to hear.

Devin- Tell Jason Jolley a cruise sounds cool and that I am also equally excited to see him here in a few weeks. Money will be tight, but nothing that a popsicle stand can´t resolve.

até mais, te amo-

Elder Gagon

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Michael: March 21, 2012

Dear family

This week was good! Our worldwide church family grew down here, we´ve got a new brother Henrique! He´s an awesome kid, 15 years old. To me he seems to be the ring leader of a group of friends 3 of which are members including him, and more will follow, especially hopefully his mom and brother after all it´s all about familys.

We were waiting at the bus stop to go home one night and when it came it blew right past us. Luckily it stopped for a minute at the next intersection so we ran after it and right as we caught up to it, it started to go and left us banging on the side of the bus to stop it. Well a kind citizen sitting in his parked car at the corner asked ´´do you want a ride to the next stop up ahead?´´ and we said ´´SIM!´´ and so we got in and he sped to the other end of the neighborhood where there was another stop about 1/4 mile away. We got out of the car, and about 10 seconds later the mischevious, dumb-founded bus driver turned the corner. We got on the bus and sat in the back without saying anything and I could hear the bus-driver talking to the money-taker ´´they disappeared´´, ´´not even a taxi could´ve...´´, and the whole ride they kept lookin back at us and I just stared at them and smiled haha.

Al- Thanks for the force! Have Jor give a ring to my mission office and tell Elder Monteiro to get me on the same flight from Sao Paulo to NY!

Nick- Your email rocked, and rolled, all day long. Prepare yourself for my answer in letter form! Pics look good! You look like the coolest kid in town, and I believe you are. (Matt and I arent there) No doubt the best Mens Chairmen to top them all. You

better graduate before they ban fun from highschool.

Jor- thanks

Matt- Lookin good with your pochete and the palavra na mao!

Well thats about enough!

I love you guys!

Elder Michael Gagon

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Matt: March 20, 2012

Dear Family,

This week was quite the battle. My companion and I are working hard and doing good, and Edite the old evangelical lady was baptized and confirmed this sunday. WAHHOOOO!!! Other than that we just have a lot of people who are very non-committal and it´s kind of annoying to try and get them to accept salvation. So we´re just trying new things and working harder than normal so that we can be good examples and keep rocking and a rollin and rockin and a rollin.

Nick- Loved the email and pics of SOLITUDE!!! Things I´ve done on that list: 6-crawdads 10 24 41-I actually just pushed the tree over, hatchets are for sissys 45 48- minus the glow sticks 52 62 82 the other night in front of my companion who almost died laughing 93 101 and 108. Yeah it´s ridiculous the way this world is going. "I think the one tranny that might go to Alta High School should have their own bathroom, and their own SBO office" woof. Other than that it´s just hot during the day and cold at night. Trying to keep my eyes fixed on the glory of God.

Can- thanks for taking care of me. Do you know if cuz-cuz is easily available in Utah? Like it´s just ground up corn, which Utah has a lot of. Could you get back to me on that one? If so I´m going to buy a cuzcuzeira.

Dev- WHOA! I thought you forgot how to send emails there for a couple months! Aren´t mission presidents the best? I love President Cordon probably more than some family members ha ha jk, but seriously.

Al- You win the prize for trunkiest sister in the world. Minha nossa, good to get my plane itinerary from you instead of the mission like the rest of the elders.

Ok the internet store shut off the computer so I guess my time is up. Sorry this is so short and just...amature, next week will be bettter.

com muito amor,

Elder Gagon

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Michael: March 14, 2012

My dear family,
What a week this one was. It went by ever so fast.
Marlon, 13 year old buddy of a member family was baptised! Exciting!
His little sister is wanting to follow his example. which is really
good she´s not wanting to follow her 15 year old sister´s example and
get pregnant. Two brothers 12 and 15 years old from a different family
but in the same group of friends are also embracing the gospel. With
faith them and their mom and little bro with all 4 be baptised logo
I finished the New Testamant this week and just wanna say how grateful
I am for the scriptures and we should never get tired of reading them
because there is so much to learn each time around.

Dev- I little bird back in UT said that Frogurt now only has a place
in history? Tell me its not true.

Matt- I got your package! haha SO awesome! I got it yesterday but
didn´t open it until this morning and I dreamed about it! It was much
better than the jump rope you gave me in my dream. I can barely take
my eyes off myself in this pic of lake powe, and the pic on the
reverse side is equally great. I already read all the messages of each
day. Parabens on the craftiness I think you might get a rizada out of
my planners.
Ya I dunked a TJ alright! a TJ afastado but a TJ nonetheless.
Also, my email from 2 weeks ago got rejected by your account? I can
try to re-send it.

Nat- It´s your birthday! It´s your birthday! Another year older.. lala lala la!
Man It blows my mind to think that Avery is probably as big as the 1
year old brazilians I see now and then.

Nick- Good to hear from you even just a little. Your email ended at
the sentance you started ´´ Caffeine......``
I got some advice, Don´t wait! Send what you got, then send another
letter later! Or just email cause they get here at the speed of light
and I´ll almost always read it the next Wednesday.

Dad- Great to hear your news! I hope to be able to return the favor
you did providing for my mission. You didn´t go to the Brazilian
dentist that signed my mission papers did you? I never told him where
I was called to like I said I would.

Al- Livin la vida loca, livin it up! How cool the US has got enough
Brazilian restaurants to go to occaisionally. That italian food! Oh
mama mia!
Here´s the phone number for my mission office. (31) 3335 7770. When
you are informed and if you could give me a clue, I would like!

I love you family!
Elder Michael Gagon

Monday, March 12, 2012

Matt: March 12, 2012

Dear family,

This week was a goody down here in the dirty dirty. That Edite lady, who prays out loud when you pray out loud, got sick Friday night and everyone except for me thought it would be best to wait and baptize her next Sunday. Other than that it has been a very run of the mill semana down here. Destroying with key indicators, calling repentance to drunkards, and kickin trash with my jump rope from 6:40-7:00 am. This week I would like to address the family and blog readers and Oldies 94.1 listeners about heeding the words of the prophets. Especially modern prophets who counsel us not to date until we are 16 or go on dates with people until they are 16. There is much wisdom in this counsel. If you are an elder you should never under ANY circumstance be dating a beehive. There is nothing but badness that can come from this. I am so greatful that we live in a time and age with living modern prophets. I am especially grateful for the Liahona. It is the best. So many talks about any and all topics to help us out with all facets of our lives.

OOOH something exciting that happened this past week was we had zone conference! It was superb. President and Sister Cordon came clear out to our neck of the woods to light a spiritual fire under our behinds and bless us with their presence. It was fantastic. For lunch we had SLOPPY JOES! Ramen noodle salad! and coconut cream pie!!! It was out of this world. I think it may have been one of the best zone conferences to date on the mish. Sister Cordon had us watch a good portion of the movie 17 Miracles and it rocked. I am very grateful for our pioneer heritage and everything they sacrificed so that I could be where I am today. If you haven´t seen it I encourage yallsies to go on and git now ya hear?!?!! Maybe watch that movie on the 24th of July could be a cool new tradition. Anywho after zone conf we met up with Presidente os assistentes and Sister and they praised us a bunch for the marvelous conf that we had. Só GH pra mim. Foi ótimo.

Michael- You baptized a TJ?!?! Que milagrezão!!!! Did you get that package yet?

Dad- Loved your email. Woof to dentist trips! That´s an excellent goal that you have. Senior missionaries make a world of difference.

Nick- You might want to just send an email....just saying.

Jor- St. George sounds nice. I love convert stories assim daquele homem. Tell Jason I miss him as well and that the only reason I don´t email him back is because it´s a mission rule.

and finally






goooOOOOO COUGARS!!!! ha ha ha Natalie happy birthday TODAY! And minha nossa I can´t even believe that for an entire year I have never even met the first-begotten Utah niece. Big hugs and kisses for you both.

well that´s about it.


-elder gagon

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Michael: March 7, 2012

uhhh hey guys!

By the email subjects looks like I wasnt the only one who heard some Grease tunes bumpin in the local bars.

This week was supercalifradilistic.

Here´s a quick cap of the happy happs.

I finished reading Jesus the Christ mais ou menos 2 1/2 hours ago. uau!

My suspicions were finally confirmed, my mission president has a first and second counselor. One of them came to interview Ruver to be baptized Saturday night. There was a baptism in the ward who shares the building with us Saturday night and I accidentally left the water heater on from her baptismal service until Sunday morning for Ruvers baptism. So on the Sabbath afternoon Ruvers sins were washed, boiled, cooked, burned and spiritually cleansed! Hip hip hooray!

The work is going, we´re tipping on the edge of great success and rock bottom working with some teenage kids that have friends in the church but whose parents are i guess who could say ignorant.

I feel the spirit really strong doing this work. We taught a guy named Moses on the steps of an abandoned catholic church, he was weeding the lot and turns out he´s homeless but him and a colleague of his came to church with us. We were also able to go into the shelter he´s staying at and teach. We only went one day cause no one there really is sure where they´re gonna be in the following weeks and so baptising them and not be able to keep track of them is not a good idea....but I know a good seed was planted in fertile soil with Moses, just gotta hack at the thorns and addictions to everything you can think of.

The rest that happened this week is gonna be a surprise for me to tell you about l8r.

Jor- St. George just went up in my book. I like the temple there. I like it a lot.

Dad- Let me know what help I can give when I get home. Its great to get your emails no matter the matter.

Mom, Al, Nat, Can, Nick- Somethin weird happened I didnt get your emails this week?

With much faith, hope, love, and eyes fixed on the glory of God,

Elder Michael Gagon

Monday, March 5, 2012

Matt: March 5, 2012

Dear Family,

This week was a good one. Luana the one week eleita was confirmed and that was great. The excitement of the week was elder Joás and I went to Curitiba for a meeting. It was super spiritual and just awesome to participate there. However it´s a 4 1/2 hour bus trip each way, meaning participating in this grand conselho cuts out two days of work for us. However we came back with our hair on fire (not literally mom, cool your jets) and were able to meet a lot of the mission standards and personal goals. Also as we were burning the midnight oil sunday night trying to find new investigators, we visited a contact that my companion made and turns out they are super elects, and want to get to know the church before they get baptized on the 18th of March. So that was a huge blessing. I think the most gratifying thing that happened this week for me was Saturday for lunch we ate at an inactive member´s house with his non-member wife and kids. It was a pretty nice meal, and as the missionary custom goes we left a message to thank them. I read a little bit about the tree of life, and how the fruit of that tree is the most desirable thing ever, but even after eating the fruit some people were embarassed and even though they knew of the goodness they abandoned the tree and the iron rod because of jeering taunts and b/c it wasn´t the popular thing to do. I explained how that fruit is the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it is the only thing that´ll bring true happiness. Anyway good lesson, good lunch, tchau. However Sunday morning as I made my way into the sacrament hall (that´s a thing right?) the whole fam-damily from the prior day´s lunch was their all sitting in their sunday best. It was super special for me, because in roughly two years of teaching less active members, only a handful had ever gone to church.

Other than that things are just rolling along. Preparing a few people to be baptized, incluing an old lady called Edite who is one of those believers who likes to pray outLOUD even when it´s not her turn to pray... Like you´ll be starting to pray and she´ll just chime in yelling "OH LORD GOD ALMIGHTY AND POWERFUL! BLESS MY GRANDSON "WHITEY" THAT HE CAN GET A NEW JOB HHHHHHAAAAAAAA GOD IN HEAVEN PLEASE BLESS....." and it makes things especially difficult to pray. We´re working on it though, along with her coffee. But other than that it´s just hot as an oven in Hell and today for Pday/ my companions birthday we played soccer and ate at subway. Good stuff.

Jor- Getting your emails sim. I think it´s been a little while since you wrote, but when you do I get them. That´s good to hear 30 Rock is going strong and that Liz Lemon is still funny. ai ai trunkeza do mal! kkkk

Dad- I agree siblings are the best.

Muchas gracias,

Elder Gagon

PS- I just found out that my mission has a blog!!! It´s curitibamission.blogspot. I´m going there right now to check it out, and you should too!