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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Michael: April 25, 2012

Dear Family.

There have been many wednesdays the past two years that I´ve caused a scene in the Brazilian Lan-houses with some wild hi-ee-na laughs (nossa whoever gets that in the spelling be is a gone-er!) but this week i´m trying not to attract too much attention with my sobs. No, I´ve got it under control but it´s with a heavy heart.

Here´s the 7 day re-cap of the highs and lows down her: We got back from doing our biz last P day and our water had been cut! So we payed the 5 months worth of water bills that I hadnt been told about and were without money, showers, toilet that flushes, and etc for a while. We went to the church to brush our teeth, dump and wash our faces everyday. The situation only got worse Sunday morn when I went to church super late (an hour and a half) cause of the bus confusion and all hot-headed I grabbed my bag of baptismal clothes but left my proselyting bag on the bus, which had my toothbrush, and disposable camera with all my mission pics ha. But when you go to church you are blesses, so then things started to turn around. MacGyver is now Mormon (he´ll be even more mormon when he´s confirmed this Sunday) and when it got to the point where I was about to bathe in the baptismal font (whose heater started working again) our water came back in our house! I think in that mean-time that the water was off worms made home in our drain cause the past 3 days i´ll be showering and look down at a big 10-inch worm crawling sliming around. There was another plague one day we woke up and found 3 already-dead cockroaches in our kitchen, and 20 dead ones outside in our laundry area!

But that´s that... Trunkiness betrayed our friend pact and has been givin me a beating this week, he´s def on his A game and winning some battles but I´ll come out victorious, this week we´ve got at least one baptism, and it´ll be a 2nd one if Nilceia´s husband supports her. She said she was gonna tell him and her daughter about her decision last night which will definately impact her. Please pray for her this very minute!

Like the Ashley family I finished the Book of Mormon again and am so grateful for Our Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ.

Other than that members are extra-awesome to missionaries on their last weeks, and when it´s your companions birthday! I don´t think Im gonna by any food this week cause every day members are sending us home with tupper-wares and bags of goodies.

I forgot to tell how shocked I was 2 weeks ago when I got a call from an unknown number and hear Alison call me Elder Gagon. Then I thought to myself if I speak english my comp is gonna get suspicious and even worse, understand everything I say haha so I sat there like a frozen duck.

Jor, Al, and Dad- All I can say is thanks for your emails, the heartfelt words were felt in my heart. Thank you.

Can- thanks tambem, don´t try eating too fast after surgery like I did!

Nick- imagine inauguration night and then instead of seeing everyone the next day at school having to leave the country ... that´s kinda like the end of your mission.

Nate- I got your letter!

Feelin like a lamb to the slaughter, but calm as a summers morning. Bring a video recorder or two to the airport, along with Duke, and errbodys temple clothes!!

Til we meet,

Elder Michael Gagon

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