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Elder Michael David Gagon - Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Michael: April 11, 2012

Dear family!

Reading the emails this week was like eating Wendys chicken nuggets, very pleasing but after the 5th one is gone I got the sense of longing for more. mas tudo bem. This week WAS good until the day before last, a couple in their late 50s had accepted super firm to be baptized, read several chapters in the Book of Mormon and believe it to be true, and when we got to their house to get them for church they had already left and were on their way, had a good time, and the next day without any real explanation the husband said he decided he wasn´t going to continue and his wife went with him.... So this week was the highest of highs, thinking of how special it´d be for me to baptised a married couple and then the greatest of falls do the low of the low parts of lowland. But that´s how the mission is. We´re still at it, yesterday we entered into a small apartment building around 1:30 and didn´t leave until 9:00 at night after teaching up a storm! It was great, several really receptive families in there.

Easter was good- no egg hunts here, the tradish is pretty much just give chocolate to everyone, a big chocolate egg to who´s extra-special to you.

Al- After getting the news and venting to my zone leader about the flights he suggested that I called President ´´the man´´ Parrella and I did and he said he´d resolve it so that Matt and I touch down together. Most likely changing Matt´s flight to meet up with me in Miami cause he thought it silly for him to go all the way to New York. Anyway so you can give another jingle to our mission offices and put some fire under their molasses to get it done... Or if you want you can call/send me a message on my cell 031-84581558 tee hee.

Matt- Pretty sure the area presidency banned all missionaries in all Brasil from soccer.

Jor - Loved hearing about the missionary work you´re doing within your fam! Parent-tot class haha just wait for the day Nick gets the short stick and substitutes your class haha. The first time I ever taught swim lessons I taught that and I think I improvised pretty good. I remember singing ring-around-the-rosies and being the only one singing/ who knew the words..

Dad- I loved your email, thank you for the updates on everyone. Im excited for you and proud of your great progress! I think your fancy signs could make good money down here. Are you gonna get to drive herses?!?

I also imagine myself going to USU, mostly cause I don´t imagine myself going to UVU but I can´t really make a good call down here.

Last but not least I finished Alma and started Helaman today and it´s going real great.

I love you all!

Elder Michael Gagon

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