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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Michael: April 18, 2012

Dear family!

How I feel richly blessed by the abundance of emails! Thank you thank you thank you! From the sounds of things I´m not the only one who has stopped fighting trunkiness but made best friends with him! Ha I like to joke, or should I say state the open truth about trunkiness but there is another side to the story you should know... This week had a few ´´lasts´´. Last hair cut, last letter from the CP3 high counselmen (lets hope), a more significant one was the last fast and testimony meeting. I´ve born my testimony every month on the mish- and as I did so for the last time in Braziland, my cup of emotions was overflown and the flood gates were opened and lots of people got their face wet. I said amen and sat down and cried like a 5 year old girl in time-out. I dunno if the Lord is preparing me to return to american cuisine but I´ve not had much appetite and when I think 2 weeks I get a loss for air. I´m super duper excited to behold all your faces... just tryna make a splash before I do (literally). And things are lookin good. After I don´t know how many hours of missionary work Ive done so far -I met 2 guys named McGyver within the 3 hours we work on Pday last week. One of them turned out to be an elect of the Lord and if all goes well he shall be baptised on Sunday! He was living with his ex-spouse (that he was never legally married to) but sleeping in separate rooms....that way they could split the rent but live seperate lives and still both ´´be there´´ for their 2 daughters.. but we had to tell him to hidey-ho out of there if he were to be baptised. He accepted and all but it´s not always so simple to get up and make camp in a new place in a weeks time. The branch is excited for ´´McGyver´` to solve all their problems haha

Teaching McGyver of course got me and my comp talking about the SNL McGruber skits and one time my comp said the closing prayer and asked to bless McGruber hahahaha.

Dad- Congrats on being the hot new couple in Draper and on your new hip pad. My comp has a sister that lives around there. I know what you mean, living situations have also taught me about what´s most important!

Matt- I got your letter! Ya Ill write back. Dude I showed all the elders here in the lan house about your Dan Jones!! parabens! que ousadia!!! thats the way you gotta do it.

Doesn´t granddad have a similar goalie story.... how is pres and sis corbans portuguese.... there is no question mark on this keyboard!!!!!

Jor - A lady in the branch here bore the exact same testimony! it was a way emotional meeting.

mmm carpet.

Nat- Met the prophet, wow! Avery- How could you!
ditto on the food that matt said, plus chips and salsa, and Guals!!!!
things I plan on bringing back - ENTHUSIASM!!!! Zeal for the gospel - a santa size bag full of knowledge and experience, good scripture reading habits, and a love for everyone.... Material things- Ive got some surprises....nothin really though.

Nick- Way to make your trip outdoorsy! way legit. Who is Wren McCormick... what about the day-time ´´dips´´ haha...Did you really sleep on Dixie rock..

Ask the family what they think about my friends being at the airport, if it flies by them its cool with me. If my flight lands 3 hours before matts are we just gonna sit there... If so you could tell my friends to come a little after my flight gets in.

Rhett- haha I-15 still under construction. hey ive always been curious, is the 114th exit done.... I guess it doesnt matter so much now that everyone had migrated south. I dont have any set plans, but I plan on getting my priorities in order the way Elder Scott told RMs to. Im thinkin of headed north to Logan, if Nick says its ok.. but above all I need a job!!! We´ll see what I decide when reality sets in and everyone swades my opinions.

Dude, loved the film idea!!

Erika- haha duke is so good! Ive always loved cheesecake... but cinnamon rolls/ orange rolls also sound good. Then theres Banana cream pie....Oh freak.

Dont worry Molly will be able to brag that she´s been to disneyland when she´s in Kindergarten like I did.

Nate- That bumper sticker is quite inspired!!

I hope I got back to everything and everyone. A whole heap of love!

Elder Michael Gagon

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