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Monday, April 23, 2012

Matt: April 23, 2012

Dearest most marvelous family of mine,

You guys rock. Thanks for the emails. This week went by super fast. Our zone hasn´t been baptizing too much these past couple weeks (since I got here) and we decided to get interviews going in every area to see what fruits it could render. There were two teenage girls who passed and are ready, but their "goleiro" gramma wouldn´t sign the form allowing them to be baptized so it didn´t go through. Then on the other side of town I interviewed a lady that I made a contact with a month and a half ago on a day long division. She and her parents were returning early from a day of potato farming and I offered to help carry a very large and very heavy sack of potatos back to their house for them. Long story short, that lady was baptized yesterday. Then in our area we´ve been having a series of talks with a lady called Indianara who after passing her baptismal interview Saturday afternoon and watching "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration" Saturday night, decided not to go to church (or answer her door) Sunday morning and thus was not baptized... Puxa.

Other than that things are grooving along. I think I should be a surgeon becuase I´ve gotten really good at cutting people, expecially weak, moley, non-committal investigators. We had been teaching a slew of moley people and after one super moley guy said he hadn´t gotten an answer if the Book of Mormon is true I decided to read Moroni 10:4 with him. After explaining what a "sincere heart" and "real intent" were I proceded to "destroy him" (in my comps words) because he didn´t have a sincere heart or real intent. Things are just rolling along though, and the Lord doesn´t want weak, moley, non-committal members in His church.

Dad- Para bens for the new house. Should be a partay toda noite there in a week!

Jor- Obrigado pelo testamunho.

Al- No, thank YOU for helping me get to where I am today.

Michael- I have a 3 page letter for you, I´m debating whether or not to send it tomorrow, b/c you´d prob just read it on the plane home.... Yeah I´ll send it sedex and you can rir all the way back to the promised land.

I love you all! The mish is the best. Don´t be afraid to send another last email next week before monday morning, I will surely get it.

Love, Elder Matt Gagon

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