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Monday, April 16, 2012

Matt: April 16, 2012

Dear family,

Minha nossa que maravilha see a good 89% of the fam writing in emails this week. Que benção!!! Thanks to all.

So this week was a goody. We had District (which is like a stake, only smaller) Conference and were graced by the presence of both President and Sister Cordon. The spirit of God like a fire was burning. Of course being a Brasilian meeting there were some moments where I was on pins and needles. Like when the Curitiba temple counselor (from my 3rd area) invited a couple... actually ask me about it here in a couple weeks and I´ll tell you, but it was wierd. Then sister Cordon rocked the house right down to the cornerstones with a talk about remembering our purposes, with a story about her 4 year old son playing goalie for his soccer team and weaving himself into the net while all the action was on the other side of the field and getting pummelled when the tables turned and the other team came down looking to score a goal. She is the best. Then President Cordon got up and rocked the aforementioned stones off of their corners with a talk about his scuba diving license and how a certain time they went diving right before the mission, and even though he was certified he was so out of practice that he couldn´t go down deeper and be where his family was. Then he compared that to our temple recommends and said how we need to be "in practice" of going to the temple (grammar check?) so we can be with our families. It was the best.

Also this week something cool happened. When I was in Boqueirão (my 3rd area) me and my BOIEEE Elder Flynn made a bucket list, one of the things we wrote was to do a "Dan Jones" on the bus. Well Saturday afternoon on a rainy day where we chose to take the bus rather than walk, I got up in front of everybody and yelled out, "GOOD AFTERNOON GUARAPUAVA. My name is Elder Gagon and I represent the Savior Jesus Christ in this area" then I gave a shpeal about the Book of Mormon and how it is the best and would help them come closer to Christ. At the end when I went around getting people´s addresses everybody started clapping! It was so nuts! My companion said "Élder, o espírito desceu ali! Minha nossa, para bens, para bens mesmo." It was great... Other than that just trying to get some people baptized before I am no longer commissioned to do so.

Al- good luck getting the flights switched, but I won´t hold my breath. Grattitude is great. I like the talk President Monson gave in the October 2010 conference about this subject.

Nat- Oh yeah! Avery just rejecting the prophet, I´m so sure. Also foods that I´m dying to eat: Ruben sandwich, Panda Express orange chicken, pork salad/burrito from Café Rio, Dr. Pepper, crunchy cheetos, and a host of others that I can´t think of right now.

Nick- Dude mustache city! Sounds like your life is one big party. That´s the way it´s gotta be my man. Hey please tell me you still have your football girdles with the built in hip and tailbone pads. Those are worth their weight in gold for skiing/snowboarding.

Jor- That´s good that Hunter is growing. Even better that you and we are eternally sealed by the priesthood of God to be together forever.

Rhettika- The interiorzão is good, but sometimes I miss the luxuries of the big cities (a bus that passes by more than once an hour). I´m nervous to see all the changes that have happened since May 2010. Someone told me Apple has invented a hologram phone like from Star Wars and I just about croaked! I´m stoked to see Mollie too, and CLARO I remember doing blue darts in the living room and catching my pants on fire and having to put it out Duke style rubbing my bum on the carpet!

Well love you all. Até aqui em pouco,

Elder Matt Gagon

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